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Turnaround Management

Skills bring out sustainable improvement

Roth Consulting – the power to put things into practice

There are different effects which lead companies into crises. In most cases it is a lack of liquidity, based on challenging markets, but also rapid growth. At such times, early warnings and accurate analysis supported with adequate details are critical to enable take immediate action. A good turnaround directs the enterprise to its stability and ultimate success.

In last years, Roth Consulting has assisted numerous companies from various industrial sectors through their existential crisis. Readiness of mind, perfect knowledge of human nature, know how to act in national an international market places, as well as flexibility are important assist companies on road to their long lasting stability.

Identify what is ailing your business – early action leads to a quick turnaround


Early diagnosis of crisis supported by a Quick-Check

With a brief view of the key figures of an enterprise discrepancies can be identified and an analysis can be undertaken to understand potential for restructuring in due course.


Development of a concept for turnaround

After the potentials for restructuring has been identified, concept paper for transformation and implementation is developed. The priority lies with liquidity protection. This can be followed by cost reduction, change in business process, concentration on the variety of products etc.

Implementation of reorganization plan

After developing the concept there are two ways how it can be followed up by Roth Consulting, either further consulting attendance or interim management through Roth Consulting.


Retrieval and acquisition for new capital

In time of crises good equity capitalization gives a safeguard to cover losses. Small and middle sized companies are mostly family enterprises. In those cases high equity rates is mostly limited, so retrieval of equity comes into place.


Partnership with Consulting Team Graz

Since 2006 Roth Consulting is part of the network “Consulting Team Graz (CTG)“ Integrated into a team of 20 consultants

special know-how can be accessed and additional capacity is available.

Consulting Team Graz repeatedly organizes the “Forum Unternehmenssanierung” in June every year.


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