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Successfully advised

Give future to companies

In more than previous 10 years Roth Consulting could successfully advise many companies. Below you will find some examples for International Project Management, Business Consulting and Turnaround Management.

International Project Management

Implementation of production planning and control in 7 x 24 hours manufacturing

The Client is a manufacturer with 24 hours shift operation and several factories in Europe. Project contains reorganization from lot production into a continuous contract manufacturing. Implementation was carried out in three factories in Europe.

The context of the project covers the following items:

  • Execute order and inventory management
  • Supervise status of production
  • Control of manufacturing facilities
  • Develop and verify operating figures

Business Process and Controlling in strategic sourcing

The client is a group of companies in the manufacturing industry with business premises in Europe. The assigned task contains coordinated sourcing of row and technical material.The context of the project covers the following:
  • Establish centers of excellence
  • Classify into sourcing groups for ABC criteria
  • Select common strategic suppliers
  • Develop tenders for strategic suppliers
  • Combine data for procurement and consumption
  • Execute controlling for various targets
  • Launch consistent business processes
  • Provide sourcing information and analyze data by an OLAP data warehouse

Set-up of projects, joint venture and subsidiary in India

The client provides engineering services on a global scale. Main focus is on review of basis of transactions to realize projects efficiently. In the course of the project the following were considered.

  • Kind of services: foreign design work and / or local supervision
  • Way of project realization: as a single project, joint venture or subsidiary in India
  • Form of contract and project finance
  • Accounting and audit of entity / permanent establishment in India

Dissolution of subsidiary in Taiwan

The client provides engineering services on a global scale. In order to resolve basis of business in Taiwan the local subsidiary got dissoved. The project covered the following tasks:
  • Consideration of different laws: Taiwanese law for subsidiary, Austrian law for employment contract
  • Retirement of business operation
  • Limited operation to settle the project and ensure financial and legal environment
  • Dissolution of subsidiary


Business Consulting

Implementation of project and division controlling

The client sets up new installations in the field of electrical construction. He carries out projects with diverse volume and duration, as well as for different division and target groups. Planned and actual results shall be presented through direct and full costing.“The highlights of this business solution covers the following:
  • Project planning with revenue and costs, together with monthly statements on actual degree of completion
  • Periodical planning of the costs of the entity and division
  • Implementation through existing business software
  • Controlling tool based on monthly analysis of planned and actual figures to enable project monitoring and control in development of the enterprise.

“Make or Buy” analysis – early diagnosis for opportunities and threats

The client runs a production plant in the field of manufacture and converting of packaging material. The question came up: “Is it more efficient to run the production line or to purchase individual packaging sheet?”“With respect to process reengineering the following tasks were carried out.
  • Analysis of cost structure based on direct and full costing
  • Identify procurement costs for individual sheets
  • Realize that joint product has less effect on the cost of administration and sales
  • Highlight the potential for optimization


Turnaround Management

Positive assumption on going concern and presentation of reorganization plan

The client is active in the field of mechanical engineering and tool manufacture for the process of extrusion. Due to high level of innovation and cost of rollout a funding shortfall accrued.

Following steps were initiated:

  • Verify solvency, primary and secondary assumption on going concern
  • Show risks and liabilities
  • Evaluate reorganization concept based on new business model together with strategic partner
  • Submit reorganization plan

Interim Management

The client is a private and independent engineering consultant (approx..100 employees), providing various services in engineering on a global scale (worldwide approx. 250 employees).

After some years with continuous reduction in order book, the following steps were initiated under the turnaround strategy:

  • Organize process of restructuring
  • Develop a financial concept, at the same time ensure liquidity
  • Redesign financial operations and establish an effective project controlling
  • Optimize business process
  • Financial management of corporate center

Insolvency with rescue company

The business areas of the client are construction and maintenance of lift facilities. After receipt of some big projects it was recognized that bank guarantees could not be financed. Breach of contract will cause high penalty.

There is a high risk of asset stripping in case of insolvency as competition is interested in the maintenance contracts.
The context of the project covers the following tasks:

  • Develop appropriate certificate to validate strategic business unit “maintenance”
  • Split into two entities: service / maintenance and construction
  • Initiate insolvency for the construction entity

Settlement out-of-court

The client is running a mountain railway which is part of an established group of companies. The firm has huge debt with various banks which are secured differently. In case of insolvency the whole group will face domino effect.

The client seeks for financial reorganization. An investor  is interested in summer tourism and will renew the lift in case the debts get settled amicable:

  • Develop appropriate concept of reorganization
  • Conduct negotiations with consortium of banks together with investor and existing shareholders