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Consulting Approach

Proper solution for every challenge

Proactive Consulting – observed from two points of view

Roth Consulting provides two options in consulting:

  1. pure consulting / expertise, followed by continuous monitoring if required
  2. time based / interim management

Suitable approach to be selected based on requirements of the enterprise.
In case of in-house availability of expertise, resources and know-how, decision making is exercised by the management itself. Install an interim function at the management board which will exercise decision making authority.

From expertise till interim management


Consulting / Expertise / ongoing monitoring

After initial situation has been analyzed alternate approaches are suggested for practical execution. Besides consulting ongoing support is provided by Roth Consulting. Final decision and responsibility for the solution will remain with the enterprise.


time based / interim management

Appoint high performing manager on a flexible and effective assignment. Involves transmission of know how to the enterprise which can be leveraged after completion of assignment.

External know how will join the client and it will remain there also after realization. Roth Consulting will take responsibility for successful realization based on clear targets.