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Business Consulting

Continuity and growth of your business

Roth Consulting – expert within a network of excellent contacts

Diversity in business operations can trigger the requirement to engage an external business consultant. This may be because of challenges in marketing, commercial processes, business administration as well as to need to identify successor. Having a view from outside may turn out to be helpful and beneficial.

Besides insights into the future Roth Consulting has experience of more than 30 years in various fields of commercial and financial activities as well as in supply chain management. A new perspective, know-how and a good network of experts and investors will help to establish quick and efficient processes in the enterprise.

A great deal in support


Business Consulting

Transparency and effectivness are critical for the management. Roth Consulting assists through consulting or interim management, f.e. financial management, virtual CFO, external controlling.

Successor establishment

Taking or surrendering an enterprise is a very sensitive challenge. Besides others Roth Consulting supports in correct execution of legal and commercial issues. However, such process must focus on various social aspects and shall develop the potentials of the organization.

Process Reengineering

As environment and conditions change continuously, businesses require new business processes, f.e. triggered by new or reverse market, new technology or other increments. Roth Consulting provides required experience and active external support.



Implementation of project and division controlling

The client sets up new installations in the field of electrical construction. He carries out projects with diverse volume and duration, as well as for different division and target groups. Planned and actual results shall be presented through direct and full costing.

“Make or Buy” analysis – early diagnosis for opportunities and threats

The client runs a production plant in the field of manufacture of packaging material. The question came up: “Is it more efficient to run the production line or to purchase individual packaging sheets?”